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I teach parents and educators how to include and value a child's Cultural Capital.

The Roots of Cultural Responsive Teaching Practices

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hey there, I'm Taryn

As a Leader, I've been there.
As a Parent, I get it.
Although you’re a fearless leader; you’re drowning!  You love for what you do. Your expectations for yourself are high, and you spend hours, literally, reflecting on how to improve the way things are right now. You know your communication could be better, but in what ways? Your feelings of hopeFULness are turning into feelings of hopeLESSness. You’re trying to lift everyone’s spirit, but clearly, you’re spinning your wheels. Your teachers are stressed, and there’s so many children in your community who haven’t made a true connection to school. Yes, this says a lot about your culture, but it’s never too late to turn things around. As a parent, you can handle when people treat you poorly far more than when they treat your children poorly, right? RIGHT! So, what’s keeping us from seeing “other people’s children” as our own? I mean really SEE them. See their color, and their identity, and the full range of access and power from one family to another. In the end, we’re all just a bunch of mama & papa bears protecting our cubs, aren’t we? We want our children to be seen for who they are, and to be treated with respect and humility. Right? Let’s work out these kinks together! Inclusive and responsive teaching and learning spans academic needs, social & emotional needs, cultural needs, developmental needs, socio-economic needs- you name it. Home and school must be in this fight together, because the school systems just aren’t setup to do it alone. We Can Do This, Together.


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The Roots to Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices