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The Roots of Cultural Responsive Teaching Practices

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Hi- I'm Taryn!
As a leader, I get it. You’re fearless, but you’re drowning right? RIght! You love for what you do, and your expectations for yourself are high. You are spending days, literally days, reflecting on how to improve adult and student culture. You know your communication could be better, and you’re “working” on it. Your feelings of hopeFULness are turning to hopeLESSness, and you can’t show it because you’ve got to lift everyone else’s spirits. Clearly, you’re spinning your wheels. Teachers are stressed; and not all children served have a meaningful connection with an adult in your building. Ugh- there’s so much work to do. 
As a parent, you can handle when people treat you poorly, but when they treat your children poorly… That’s another story. What keeps people from seeing “other people’s children” as their own, anyway? Truly SEE them. See the group they belong to- see their identity, their difference, and still see value. In the end, we’re all just a bunch of Mama & Papa bears protecting our cubs, aren’t we? We all want our children to be seen for who they are, and to be treated with respect and humility. Right?
You’re damn right! 

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The Roots to Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices